1/16 Junior Student of the Week

Dylan Panella, Reporter

Motivated welder in-training Riley Thomas talks about his experience in Mr. Wallace’s class. Riley’s favorite class is Mr. Wallace’s Manufacture & Design. “It has to be Mr. Wallace’s because of how hands on it is, and how great of a teacher Wallace is.” After high school, he plans on going to trade school and become a welder.  “I feel like trade school is the best option because there is currently a shortage in trade jobs, so I will be able to get to work quicker.” Riley has had many accomplishments, but one stands out to him the most. “I think I am most proud of memorizing how to do all of the welds and doing it all on my own, and becoming more independent in the shop.” Not many high school students are this motivated to become an underwater welder. “My dream job straight out of high school would for sure be an underwater welder because they make the most money and it is the biggest challenge for me.”