Meet Climate Crew


Anna Manthei, Editor

Welcome to the club corner! Twice a year, EHS students come together to host Club Rush in the quad, filling the space with posters, candy, and the sound of club presidents showcasing what their clubs have to offer. Each year new clubs emerge, old clubs return, and students are provided with the opportunity to earn service hours, spend time with their friends, and learn about topics that interest them. 

Climate Crew is a club that focuses on various environmental issues, including Climate Change, and students interested in gardening, recycling, ocean conservation, sustainability, and pollution will all find something to appreciate about Climate Crew’s meetings. Individual club members are also encouraged to participate in meetings themselves, with opportunities to contribute art and writing to the club’s Instagram and upcoming website about whichever environmental issue most interests them.

This year, Climate Crew’s team includes teacher advisors Mrs. Nguyen-Valdez and Mr. Nguyen, presidents Grace Li and Anna Manthei, vice president Matthew Hoang, and secretary/treasurer Abby Lu. Together, the four leaders of Climate Crew work to plan events, collaborate with other schools, and create slideshow presentations to be used during their bi-monthly meetings. Climate Crew recently hosted their first beach cleanup of the year as well as a volunteer opportunity at Discovery Cube’s bubblefest in collaboration with Yorba Linda High School, both of which were memorable events for all of the participating club members. The team is already hard at work again, however, planning even more after-school activities and preparing for next year. 

Grace Li and Anna Manthei hope to bring Climate Crew to other schools in the PYLUSD district in the future and want to collaborate with other club leaders to create events that will bring students together, raise awareness about environmental problems, and hopefully create meaningful change in the years to come. In the words of climate activist Greta Thunberg, “You are never too small to make a difference.” To join Climate Crew, find them on Instagram @climatecrew_ehs, and on Remind @impacttt.