Meet the WHY Club


Name of person interviewed: Who are you going to prom with? How many people are going in your prom group? What are you guys doing for dinner before the dance? From getting dressed up, pictures, dinner, the drive and the actual dance, what is your favorite part of the prom day? Why? Describe your prom outfit, how are you going to rock it? What did you enjoy most about last year’s prom? Excluding yourself, who do you want to win prom king and queen and why? If you win prom king, or queen, what would be the quote or piece of worldly advice you would share with your fellow Aztecs? Name a few songs you hope the DJ plays. When you hit the dance floor, what is your signature “go to” move that will get the dance floor shaking? What’s been your favorite senior memory so far? What’s been your favorite memory at EHS? With less than 34 days left of high school, what’s left to accomplish before you leave EHS? If you couldgo back and change one thing in high school, what would it be? Finally, what advice would you give to the Juniors on deck to be Seniors?

Anna Manthei, Editor

With so many academic, community service, and hobby oriented clubs available to students, there is something for everyone to get involved in at Esperanza. Clubs are a great way to meet new people and connect with those who share common interests, and they create communities for students to be a part of. Through clubs, like-minded people can come together to speak out and find support.

The We Hear You club is a great example of the community that clubs can create, with the goal of “raising sexual assault and harrasment awareness,” and creating a “safe space” for everyone, as stated by the club president Analisa Berry. Each year the WHY club hosts bake sales, clothing drives, and makes posters to put up around the school. The club meets once a week in Ms. Palacio’s room, where they talk and do various activities depending on the plan for that month. Being sexual assault and harrasment awareness month, April is a busy time for the WHY club, with Analisa Berry and her vice president Mackenna Hastings working hard to set up poster making activities and organizing bake sales for their club to participate in.

The WHY club was founded with the goal of addressing issues like the dress code within schools and creating a “safe place to do it.” In the WHY club, anyone can come to talk or relate their own experiences, and will have a supportive community there to listen. Issues like knowing “what’s appropriate” are also addressed, because many don’t know or were never taught. The club is a safe space to learn, raise awareness, and create change within the community.

Analisa Berry is glad that she started the We Hear You club, and still wants “to do a lot more with it,” in the years to come. To join the WHY club, find them on instagram @ehs_why, and on remind @why22-23.