Baseball Recap


Luke Secoda, Interviwer

Yesterday, Tuesday April 25th, was Aztec Baseball Senior day. The Aztecs pulled off a great team win under starting pitcher Caiden “The Horse” Christianson. Caiden put away 4 batters on strikes and let up just four hits. The defense also played an outstanding game with diving plays and letting up no errors. At the plate, Jeremiah Guerra and Ethan Bigani both put the ball out of the yard twice with a home run for each of them. It was an all around great game for the team beating the  Canyon Comanches 3-0. The other run was scored by Ethan Bigani, who went 3 for 3, on a sacrifice fly to center hit by Brandon Wyland. Afterwards, the senior day ceremony was full of smiles as the Aztecs playoff hopes were revived and up to the last of the league games on thursday. With a road game win at Canyon’s “Hi Lavalle”  field the team advances to the first round of CIF. The pressure for them is extremely high, but the team seems excited for the challenge and ready to put their best effort forward in order to lengthen their season. Below is a picture from the senior day ceremony.