Zooming Through Sports

Senior Brianna Beauchamp smiles while standing next to the Yorba Linda Country Club par 4 sign.

Obtained from Brianna Beauchamp

Senior Brianna Beauchamp smiles while standing next to the Yorba Linda Country Club par 4 sign.

Imagine being on a team involved in any contact sport, or even involved in a sport that focuses skill; now imagine doing it through a screen. You’re told online gatherings will be used for team bonding, motivation and getting you ready for the season to start.

While coronavirus is still the main topic of conversation, as it has been since the Orange County District shutdown school starting March 13th, athletes are still waiting for their approval to hit practice.

At the start of this school year, every team started off by meeting during the infamous hour and fifteen minute sports zoom that included hundreds of athletes. While this does not include any athletic aspects, it does allow for the athletes to talk with their teammates and keep up with any information that comes to importance for the team.

”In my sixth period Zoom, we typically go over mindset drills,” says senior Brianna Beauchamp. Her time on the varsity golf team is spent focusing on mental qualities rather than the physical for now, which Beauchamp describes as “beneficial. ”

Sports, such as boys and girls water polo, are able to get back in the pool and train to an extent. While their presence on the pool deck is approved, their ability to have any contact with a ball is not. Of course with Covid, every precaution is necessary and with the opportunity to get back on the field, pool or court, it’s a step towards a more promising start of the sports season.

Senior Dylan Howard has a more optimistic side to the sixth period Zoom as he says that he finds the calls helpful because “he [I] talk with the coach and players more about sport and I can see what I’m doing wrong and improve.” Howard’s time on the varsity volleyball team is postponed until reportedly November, depending on the impact of the Coronavirus.

While there are a minimal amount of sports moving forward during this time, there’s still many who are awaiting approval to get back on the field. For the majority of fall and winter sports, their season has been pushed to January and February. Spring sports are reportedly on track to start their season on time.

It’s just a matter of time to see if the conditions approve enough to get everyone back to their normal routine.

“For the season, I really hope that it is back to normal and we are able to have a successful one,” says Beauchamp about her thoughts for the hopefully upcoming season.