Varsity cheer wins their second state competition


Photo provided by Keri Walters.

Esperanza’s varsity cheer team received the title as state champions on Jan. 20. The last competition of the season took place at the Pasadena Civic Center while competing in the Intermediate Medium Division. Varsity cheer competed against many teams and overall performed the best.

Varsity cheer did an excellent job representing Esperanza and growing stronger as a team and as individuals. Varsity coach Katie said, “I think the girls did an awesome job representing their school and truly earned the title of back to back state champions.”

Freshman Emily Jackson’s individual goal was walking into the competition to hit everything that her body could take.

“Our goal as a team going into the competition was just to hit a nice, clean routine and also to win a patch for our letterman jackets. My individual goal was to do my best, land all of my tumbling passes, get my flyer up in the air, smile, and have fun,” said freshman Kaylie Hurst.

Team captain Katelyn Hardt, a senior, said, “My individual goal was to just hit my routine, including all of the stunts.”

All the athletes were extremely excited and overwhelmed when their names were called for the first place win as state champions.

“When they called our name, at first, I could not stop crying and screaming with tears of joy! I was so proud of my teammates and I and we deserved that win because we have been working very hard,” said Hurst.

“My initial reaction was the excitement to win state for our former coach who passed away last summer.”

Sophomore Jessica Quinteros says that the team’s initial reaction to their second year winning state was very emotional but exciting. They were very happy that they were able to make their coach proud.

“I was most proud of the girls for overcoming this tough season and hitting one of the best routines I have ever seen as a coach,” Katie said, “the energy you felt from their routine was awesome. “