An “uncharted” movie review


Aaron Valadez, Reporter

I went to the movies two weeks ago; and grabbed my popcorn, to watch yet another movie with Tom Holland. His latest movie with Mark Whalberg, is Uncharted (based on the awesome playstation video game) and it’s all about greed, treasure, and stunts.

A quick spoiler free synopsis shall we? Nathan Drake (bartender and pocket thief), played by Holland, meets Victor Sullivan, played by Mark Whalberg. Wanting to find his lost brother, Drake accepts Sullivan’s (old friend of his brother Sam) request to join him on a wild treasure hunt for a 500-year-old lost fortune amassed by explorer Ferdinand Magellan. It really started off as a heist, but later turned into a high flying (literally!), deep flowing (again, literally!), and an emotional (maybe just for me) adventure.

It was a well paced movie with plenty of action and a few well done plot twists. The cinematography was great and the fight scenes were some of the better fight scenes I have seen from Holland’s career. Of course the biggest draw to this movie was the two leading guys themselves. It was essentially a cop-buddy movie that is sure to make you laugh quite a bit. Furthermore, the story is rich in detail, capturing a majority of the charm from the original games. Now of course the story was changed, mixing all four games into one big storyline for the big screen, but it worked nonetheless. Now as for the girls in this movie we have Sophia Taylor Ali’s “Chloe Frazer ” and Tati Gabrielle’s “Braddock”. Two tough and resilient women with a lot of feist, and motivation to reach that treasure for themselves. Although, my one complaint was the lack of morality the producers gave them.

Now as for who gets the treasure or if they even find it? I’m not gonna tell you. And does Tom really hit Wahlberg in the face? Well, to be honest I can’t remember. You’ll have to go see it to find out!